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What is wrong with the sample rate?

Some of you might wonder why the sample rate of your audio interface gets changed when you run sofasession...

At the moment sofasession works best with a sample rate 48 kHz, if your audio interface supports this rate our software will automatically try to reset the sample rate to 48 kHz when you start a session. It is currently not possible to change this setting manually. 

We are aware that this might cause problems if you are using your audio interface with other programs that simultaniously try to set the sample rate to another frequency or other devices set to a different rate.

You can simply avoid these problems by closing other programs and turning off/disconnect unused devices while using sofasession.

If you are still having troubles with the sampling rate you can change it manually:

  • open the control panel
  • Hardware and Sound
  • Sound

  • select the playback device you are using (your audio interface) and go to properties

  • go to the avanced section and set the sample rate to 48000Hz, click on apply and ok.


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