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What is a songs session?

In a songs session you can jam with other musicians live over the internet, plus you can load a song into this session!

This opens a lot of possibilities to you:

  1. You can use the song as a backing track to jam along or practice your solo skills. (You can also do this without other live musicians)
  2. You can add the instruments you want. If you're playing guitar and jam with another guitarist, why don't you start a songs session with a drum track to keep the same pace?
  3. You can experiment with existing songs and add single tracks to further develop the song. This way you can collaborate with musicians around the world to write a song together!
  4. You can even start a song from scratch and record track by track, instrument by instrument, take by take until you really like what you hear. Develop your musical ideas and share them with others if you want to!

You can easily host your own songs sessions:

  • First go to the songs page (you can find a link in the header/menu bar)
  • Now you have to decide whether you want to start a new song or whether you want to work with an existing one.
  • new song:
    • hit the create a new song -button in the upper right corner
    • choose a title, add a description and define the genre of the song (no worries you can still change that later!)
    • choose whether your song should be public - any sofasession user can see it and add tracks to it (nope they can't delete it ;-) !) or private - only you can see and edit the song
    • you can now upload a file from your computer to start with or record from scratch in a jam room
  • existing song:
    • you can listen to existing mixes in the songs section, if you like a tune you can hit the jam on this mix -button and ...well that's obvious ;-)
    • you can also click on the title of the song and (un-)select single tracks and hit the jam -button afterwards
    • boom all the tracks get loaded into a session and you can start jamming to them or invite other users and jam together to this song!


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