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Should I open ports on my router/firewall?

Yes. Except for a couple of standard ports that are likely already open, you need to open some more ports. Here is the list:

Port/range Description
TCP (HTTP) 80 Ok, you wouldn't be reading this if you hadn't this port open...
TCP (FTP) 21 Used from the software to download and upload tracks (while in a session)
TCP (HTTP) 5000 Used for exchanging setup messages between users in order to establish a connection. Will be dropped soon, but currently still used.
UDP and TCP 19302 Used for establishing a connection between users (for all the geeks out there, this is used for STUN)
UDP and TCP 3478 Used for establishing a connection between users (TURN)
UDP 50000 - 65535

Very important: used for the actual audio connection between users. The range is very wide, but you can try to restrict it to 50000 - 55000. 


We are currently working on reducing to a minimum the number of required ports, so please come back to this page: we will update it often!

If you still have problems establishing a connection with other users, feel free to drop us a line at or write in the comments section below.


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