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How do I record an own song?

Login in your account and to go the backstage page. Click the button "Create a new song". Here you can enter some information about your song (but you can also do that after you've created the song already). 

  • Title: How can other users find the song? Include the name of the track and interpret, if it's a cover song. 
  • Description: What would you like to tell about this song? 140 characters long (like Twitter). 
  • Genres: Choose the genre of your song. There's a genre called "Cover" – choose it if your song is a cover. And "backing track" if your track would be a great backing track for others. 

Click "create". 

Upload recorded tracks

Click "Select a file" and upload your song as a single track or multiple tracks. Name the tracks & choose the instrument is played in them – easier later for you and other users.


Record in the browser directly

Click "record". Make sure the software is running. 

Hit the record button and record a track. After you've recorded it, you can listen to it again and decide to delete or upload it. Name and tag each track: Which instrument is it? 



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